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If a family member has died, whether that person had a will, no will, or a trust, an experienced Fremont probate attorney can guide you through the estate administration or trust process and ensure the proper distribution of assets in the estate.

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Unless your family member had assets of only very little value, the estate will have to go through probate. However, the "probate estate" does not necessarily include everything the person owned. For example, some trusts do not need to be part of the probate process. Property owned jointly can pass to the surviving person without probate.

Probate Litigation

Litigation is sometimes necessary when there is a dispute over the will or a trust. Like any dispute, it can sometimes be resolved without a trial. But if a trial is necessary, our firm can work hard for your best outcome.

Our probate and estate administration law firm is thoroughly familiar with area probate courts and their proceedings. For our clients, this assures timely, effective legal action.

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