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Establishing legal parentage can be important for many reasons. The most important reason is to assure a child has the guidance, security, and support of responsible adults. The Fremont adoption and paternity lawyers at JOHAL LAW APC can help you with the legal process required to establish paternity or facilitate adoption.

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In blended families, stepparent adoption can give legal recognition and responsibility to a person who has served as a parent. When the biological parent has had no contact or has provided no support for over a year, or when the biological parent gives consent, our stepparent adoption law firm can petition the court for a stepparent adoption. We also help parents with the legal matters surrounding other adoptions.


With DNA tests, establishing paternity has become much easier. Legally establishing paternity assures the biological father has the rights and obligations of parenthood. In some cases, the district attorney or a child's mother may petition for a paternity test. When paternity is established, the father will be expected to provide an appropriate level of support for the child.

When a non-marital relationship dissolves, it is important for the father to establish paternity in order to assure his parental rights. Our paternity attorneys can help you establish father's rights to share time with the child. If you have questions about paternity testing in California, contact us online.

At our adoption law firm, we take a personal interest in each client. We will keep you informed about the adoption process, explain the law, and answer all your questions. We represent mothers and fathers in establishing paternity. Call for an appointment.