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There are times when children need someone other than their parents to look after their interests. Sometimes adults also need someone who can make decisions and protect their interests. At JOHAL LAW APC, we help families and others establish guardianships and conservatorships necessary to the protection of vulnerable people.

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When parents are unable or unwilling to care for their children, often grandparents, aunts, uncles, or others step forward to fill the parenting gap. A legal guardianship attorney can help make those relationships recognized under the law by petitioning the probate court for legal guardianship.

Legal guardianship enables the guardians to make health and education decisions that concern the children. The guardianship can also qualify the children for health benefits under a guardian's medical/health insurance policy. In all situations, the guardian may act in place of the parent.


When an adult cannot make decisions for some reason – dementia, Alzheimer's disease, mental illness, or developmental disability, for example – a conservator should be appointed and recognized by the probate court. Our Fremont conservatorship lawyers can petition the court and guide the conservator through the process that includes an evidentiary hearing to determine the capacity of the adult-conservatee.

The court may appoint a conservator of the person (for decisions concerning where to live and what medical care is needed) and a conservator of the estate (for managing financial affairs).

At our guardianship/conservatorship law firm, we take a personal interest in each client. We will keep you informed about the legal process, explain the law, and answer all your questions. Call for an appointment.