Enforcement of Judgments/Orders

Fremont Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Merced County Delinquent Child Support Lawyer

Just like the laws themselves, a judgment may need to be updated. If you were divorced and received a judgment as to child support, child custody, spousal support, or even debt obligations, your situation may have changed as the years have gone by, and the judgment may now require modification.

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Child Support Enforcement

We handle cases where our client is not receiving ordered support for a child, and those where our client is the payor who should not be paying as much as has been ordered and wishes to stop wage garnishment, for example.

What changes warrant a modification up or down? If the payor has had an involuntary reduction of income he or she cannot be expected to pay at the same level. Or, the payor's other necessary expenses may have risen, for a new child, for example.

Support may need to increase if the child has medical or educational expenses or the custodial parent has increased time with (or responsibilities related to) the child. Contact a child support enforcement lawyer.

Child Custody

The best interests of the child is the universal standard. Whatever the arrangement ordered by the court, if a different arrangement would benefit the child, it will probably be ordered if requested.

Spousal Support

Modification of spousal support may be appropriate where the receiving spouse's needs have been reduced, or the payor spouse has retired or experienced an involuntary reduction of ability to pay.

Debt Obligations

An order may require one party to repay debts that are in both names. However, the creditor is not bound by the order. If the debt is not paid as ordered, the other spouse can be held liable for the debt. The court would revise the property settlement to compensate the innocent spouse.

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