Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

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No marriage or romance has ever completely avoided flaring tempers and harsh words. But California law does not tolerate domestic violence. The California Penal Code contains prohibitions of abusive and/or violent behavior between persons such as spouses, parents and children, family members and similar relationships.

Our firm represents either the party being wrongly accused of domestic violence, or the party seeking restraining orders and their own safety. Contact us online.

There are various orders that are intended to keep you safe. A domestic violence restraining order is an order to keep someone away from you that has harmed or threatened you. Related orders can force the person to give up firearms if you feel threatened, or protect personal property or children.

The police can obtain an emergency protective order for you. This is only in effect for five to seven days. If you need an additional temporary order or a permanent one, our office can help. A permanent order is valid for five years.

Ms. Grewal was a speaker at a Santa Clara County Bar Association conference last year. It dealt with Indian/Chinese /Vietnamese families as a template for dealing with cultural diversity problems, with a special emphasis on domestic violence.

Are you in danger now? If so, call "911" for help. California is a very progressive state with shelters and assistance for victims of domestic violence.

If You Have Had a Restraining Order Filed Against You

You need to know the rules. If you are deemed to have violated the order, even accidentally, you could face jail time. The "protected party" has the right to contact you, but you as the "restrained party" do not have a right to contact them. If you have questions on what is permitted and how to comply, contact us.

Unfortunately, some people will make allegations of domestic violence in order to gain advantage in an imminent child custody or other dispute. We can attempt to avoid orders against you or charges being filed.

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