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An annulment in California is different from a marriage dissolution, or divorce. A marriage annulment petition (also known as a nullity action) claims that a valid marriage never existed. Contact us online.

If you have discovered something new that is essential to the marriage and to who your spouse is that you didn't know about, it may be possible to get a marriage annulment. Even if you only discover it several years after the wedding, annulment may be possible.

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For example, if you discover that your spouse has a child from another marriage, or a venereal disease, this may provide a basis. If your spouse is truly someone different than they held themselves out to be, this may be grounds for marriage annulment. You are essentially alleging fraud on the part of your spouse.

Your marriage may be "void" or "voidable." A void marriage is one that is illegal in California. For example, if your spouse was already married, your marriage is void. A marriage can be voidable based on facts such as those above.

The challenge is proving in court that you did not know these facts, and cannot have been expected to know. We can discuss with you the likelihood of success in your case, explain your options to you, and answer all your questions. We know that major changes in life are complicated and difficult. Ours is a warm, comfortable office where people care. We will be at your side through every step of the process.

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In addition to the assistance of our attorneys, our certified paralegal, Denise Connich, has assisted numerous individuals and families facing the challenges of starting life anew after a major change in their personal circumstances. Certified by New Ventures West a school accredited by the International Coaching Federation, Denise directs and counsels clients in regard to a number of issues that touch upon the legal issues facing them.

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