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Fremont, California, Transition Coach

Denise Connich, Paralegal and Coach for Life Transitions

At JOHAL LAW APC, our attorneys help clients through the legal aspects of life transitions. We recognize, though, that there are personal aspects that are equally important. In addition to the services of our lawyers, we now offer coaching for life transitions.

Guiding Clients through Major Transitions for over 35 years

Divorce – especially a divorce that ends a long-term marriage and involves children – is a major transition. The family is being restructured. Expectations change. Finances and living situations change. Having a transition coach to guide you through those changes can make the process infinitely smoother.

When a family moves to the United States for a job and a new life, or when a family reunites in the U.S., it is a major transition. Our California transition coach can help you understand the changes you are going through and deal with them effectively.

When a family member can no longer make decisions, when a stepparent adopts a child, when a loved one dies, these transitions involve far more than legal matters. Our life coach can guide you through these transitions, help you cope with the necessary changes, and develop a plan for life after the transition.

Denise Connich at JOHAL LAW APC is a certified paralegal and California coach who has been certified as a coach by New Ventures West, a school accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Our goal is to go beyond strategies and legal processes and offer our clients new possibilities and opportunities for growth as they enter new phases of their lives.

At JOHAL LAW APC, we take a personal interest in each client. We will keep you informed about legal matters we are handling for you while also offering guidance with the more personal aspects inherent in life changing events. Call for an appointment.

To Contact Denise directly: 510-579-3547 or [email protected]